This home has HUGE potential — You can see it right now!

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Preparing your home for showings, both inside and out, will increase your chances of multiple offers, a better price and a faster close. A good real estate agent will help you identify the not-so-obvious changes that will positively influence buyers. Here are some of the no-brainers that can improve your home’s curb appeal. The lesson of the story is: Make the potential of your home as obvious as it can be.

1. Clean it. Consider paying to have your home professionally cleaned. If you do it yourself, do it meticulously. A thorough cleaning can influence a buyer’s overall impression of your home, can influence whether they see it as a home they can be happy in, and can positively influence the offer price.

2. Declutter and organize. As a result of the social distancing that’s required as we cope with the pandemic and the impact it continues to have on remote working, buyers are seeking more spacious and functional residences. Prior to putting your home on the market you should declutter and organize. Remove items that give the impression your home is small or that living quarters are tight. If you’re shuffling around that 9 foot sofa in your 10 x 12 living room, your buyers are going to do that shuffle too. Don’t expect potential buyers to figure out that it’s not the living room that’s small, it’s the sofa that’s big. Buyers have a lot on their minds when walking through a home they’re considering as their future residence.

3. Freshen up the paint. At a minimum, interior and exterior walls should be touched up where needed. If repainting is warranted, this is one of the less expensive improvements that can have a big positive impact. Unusual paint colors can deter an otherwise interested buyer. Dark paint can make rooms appear smaller. A real estate agent can tell a potential buyer that it’s easy to repaint a home, but the average buyer has difficulty envisioning just how great it will look once that’s been done.

4. Beautify the yard. A yard that’s not well maintained, just like a house that’s not clean, can bring forth thoughts of work and emotions of dread. There’s a reason the litter boxes at the pet stores are so perfectly clean and fresh. They don’t want you thinking about maintaining the habitat when you’re picking out that Chinchilla. Deal with deferred yard maintenance if you can.

5. Clean and repair the roof. If your roof is damaged or dirty it can have a negative impact on the value of your home. Sometimes a good cleaning can make your roof look new. If your neighbors have new roofs, yours will look older and appear to be in worse shape.

6. Make it smell good. The same considerations come into play when choosing a scent as when choosing the right color to repaint your home. You want something fresh, subtle and universally appealing.

7. Consider a pre-listing home inspection. Providing a pre-listing home inspection report to potential buyers along with proof that issues have been dealt with builds buyer confidence before they write an offer. The buyer can still pay for a new home inspection report if they choose to do so.

In a nutshell, you want your agent or any other agent showing your home to be able to say to any ready, willing, and able buyer: “This home has huge potential — you can see it right now!” 

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