Composting on the Big Island

As much as half the material that makes its way to Big Island landfills is organic matter that we could instead use to improve our yards and gardens. The rocky soils of Hawaii benefit from the incorporation of organic nutrients. For those of us living in the drier regions of Hawaii Island, compost aids inContinue reading “Composting on the Big Island”

Little Gold Dust Day Gecko Living Large

The entire population of Gold Dust Day Geckos on the Hawaiian Islands is believed to be offspring of eight lizards released on the University of Hawaii campus in 1974. These lizards are native to wetter regions of Madagascar, the Comoros Islands and Seychelles. “Gummy lizards” as they are sometimes called, feed on small insects, nectarContinue reading “Little Gold Dust Day Gecko Living Large”

Your Second Home Awaits…

There’s too much talk in real estate about what people can afford. What really matters is what people want to spend. There are a million reasons a buyer who can afford a more expensive home will choose not to spend that much. This may be especially true for folks buying a second home in Hawaii.Continue reading “Your Second Home Awaits…”